The simplest way to track expenses
Manage personal or business expenses with ease

Business expenses. Household budgets. Shopping funds. Expenses are part of our everyday lives. And while keeping track is necessary, it can be cumbersome without a simple tool. AddOn simplifies this experience and offers the easiest way to keep track of your spending and expenses. Imagine a calculator and notepad rolled into one. No need to save paper receipts, switch between two different apps when budgeting, or use an overcomplicated tool for a simple to-do.

It is the simplest app to add and track expenses.

How It Works

Create a list, enter an expense, and add it up. It’s that simple. Keep track of all your expenses in one place, save photos of receipts, and easily share your list with others.

Key Features

  • Track each expense item with text descriptions and photos.
  • Access all your lists in one, central place.
  • Keep your lists safe and secure.
  • Export your list and share with anyone.
  • Integrate AddOn into your existing expense report system

AddOn for Enterprises and Small Businesses

Tracking and managing expenses is a messy affair for most enterprises and small businesses. Poor usability of expense management apps is a big part of the problem. The last thing an employee wants to do is categorize or group expenses as she is rushing out of a taxi to catch a flight.

AddOn makes expense tracking easy for everyone. The user-friendly workflow prioritizes capturing expense information in as few steps as possible, leaving the secondary activities such as prioritization and grouping for later (which could be automated based on business needs).

Want to try AddOn for tracking your company’s expenses? Get in touch with us at addon@piktorlabs.com.

For personal expense tracking — download AddOn and #keepadding today!


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