We are a product innovation company

We build products with awesome experiences.
Our multi-disciplinary team of designers, technologists, researchers, artists and dreamers explore every opportunity to elevate customer experience through meaningful, delight to use products.

We are changing the way people shop

Vera Logo
Vera is the first-of-its-kind digital personal shopping assistant, which offers a virtual shopping assistant that serves shoppers with matching recommendations inspired by current fashion trends, derived from online media. VERA engages shoppers across all digital touch points including in-store, e-commerce, mobile apps and desktop to provide a continuous shopping experience.

We design products that solve some of the most fundamental business problems.
Our time-boxed, design thinking based approach takes an idea to a minimum viable product (MVP) in a short span of time, followed by iterative cycles of continuous improvements based on end-user, market feedback.

We are helping farmers keep their livestock healthy.

We created an advanced system which is powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence for early detection of livestock health issues which has severe business impact. The system uses sensors, thermal cameras, and optical devices to gather vital data from livestock which are analyzed to predict common diseases, helping farmers to take corrective measures early on.

We partnered with T-Mobile to launch successful open source products

PACBOT - An open source platform for continuous compliance monitoring, compliance reporting and security automation for the cloud. [GITHUB]

JAZZ - Accelerates adoption of serverless services, helps to seamlessly build, deploy & manage cloud-native applications. [GITHUB]

NEXT Directory - A blockchain based Identity and Access Management system for enterprises. [GITHUB]

We push the boundaries of what's possible.
We investigate problems through unconventional approaches to bring about meaningful advances in human experiences.

Simple, intuitive, interactive reports

PiktorSense is self-service reporting framework, built for non-technical users to create powerful, interactive Executive Dashboards. PiktorSense does not need any coding, and can generate reports out of a variety of data sources including Excel, standardized APIs or database tables

We are hiring!

At Piktorlabs, we believe in the power of imagination and our ability to deliver outstanding solutions with great experiences. We are expanding our team, and are looking for true leaders, who can empathize, imagine, create and execute great ideas in a multi-disciplinary environment.

If you are a Genius Designer or a Technologist who wants to put a dent in the universe by leading from the front, please write to us at careers@piktorlabs.com

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