Data stories that drive decisions
A packaged data visualization service

Senze is a packaged service to build integrated dashboards and reports that deliver powerful data-driven stories on any digital touch-point. It is a tool-agnostic framework that combines design thinking, data, and a library of pre-built visualization components to enhance the decision-making capabilities of executives.

Go beyond the tool

Despite substantial investments in tools, technologies, and processes, most executive reports today fall short of delivering useful and timely insights. Poor visualization choices often misrepresent the real story behind the data, impacting executives’ ability to make timely decisions.

It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to transform a data dump into insightful stories. With Senze, you receive an end-to-end offering that spans from storytelling to development and results in interactive dashboards that convey powerful insights through immersive visualizations.

Abstract Stories from Data

  • What’s the story? Following a design-driven process, we begin by understanding your users, their context, and the decisions they need to make.
  • Build the Experience. Using Senze’s library of visualization components, we build a story-first experience to meet user needs.
  • Integrate the data. Our story-specific data model transforms your data from its existing format to connect with the newly created data story.
  • Experience the story. A fully integrated data story delivered on any digital touchpoint—from web-based dashboards to voice-based reports.

What You Get

Fully integrated, interactive dashboards and reports that deliver powerful insights over any digital experience—from web to mobile to voice-based devices.

Key benefits

  • Data-driven stories that drive faster decisions — clearer insights for executives and decision-makers.
  • Tool-agnostic data experiences — design-driven, user-centric and easy-to-use solutions – across all digital touch-points.
  • Works with your existing data ecosystems — balances available data with user needs, business priorities and technology preferences
  • Quick turn-around — powered by Senze’s extensive library of data visualization components, grids, and data connectors.
  • Easy to maintain and sustain — versatile plug-and-play architecture, reusable components make solutions easy to maintain and cost-effective.

Senze is a full-service engagement — from storytelling, design, data formatting, and integration. Our packaged service approach makes it easier for customers to get useful insights from their data, fast.

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