A unified employee experience
Bringing a remote workforce together

The modern workplace is evolving. As more offices adopt remote work as the norm, the need to have a unified view of employee’s relationship with their workplaces is greater than ever. Today, most HR tools and resources are conceived and built in silos, then made available to employees in a multiplicity of disparate apps and websites, creating a disjointed view of the workplace.

GoTag is a platform that aggregates HR processes and resources into a unified experience for employees. GoTag provides a single, convenient window for employees to access their HR tools — from onboarding to performance management to expenses and getting support.

Enabling the full employee lifecycle

The journey of an employee begins long before the first day of employment itself — from initial screening and interviews to an offer-letter and onboarding documentation. Every touch-point (with a candidate, new team member, employee, or an alumnus) is an opportunity to create positive experiences and engage with efficiency. GoTag provides ready-to-use, plug-and-play modules to manage the complete lifecycle of employees. Each of these modules can work independently, as well as connect with existing enterprise HR systems.

Key Benefits

  • Unified employee experience
  • Easy to find and access critical HR systems and content
  • Efficient engagement for both employees and employers
  • Easy to change and adapt to organizational changes
  • Works with existing enterprise systems (through service integrations)

Learn how GoTag can connect to your existing workplace ecosystem today.

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