a future-focused
product innovation lab
Piktorlabs is a space to create products with great experiences that solve business and consumer problems.
Experimentation is at the center of what we do. We incubate products in our lab and test out ideas before bringing solutions to life with our partners.
Driven by People
With all the magical tools at our disposal, it's easy to forget that technology exists to serve people. That’s why we prioritize the user-experience when solving problems across industries—from recycling to retail.
Our modular approach to product development gives us the flexibility to pivot quickly.
The challenges we tackle are complex and multifaceted—as we take them on, they often unravel new facets that make a monolithic approach to product development ineffective. Our approach of building solutions to challenges block by block allows us the freedom to recalibrate when needed and cross-pollinate ideas.
Building the future brick-by-brick
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Our Team

Our interdisciplinary teams of designers, technologists, and strategists work collaboratively to develop one-of-a-kind products and holistic solutions to complex problems.
Ankit Shekhawat
Chief Innovation Officer
Unni Sukumaran
Chief Operation Officer
Vidhi Maheshwari
VP of Product Engineering
Stephen Mathew
VP of Products
Abhishek Anand
VP of Client Services
Elan Boobalan
Director of Design
Hanna Kryshtanosava
Operations Manager
a future-focused product innovation lab
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